Identity theft is an unfortunate fact of modern life.

By | July 8, 2013
Here at Phenicie Business Management we work with many agency’s that help reduce the affect of identity theft. Helping stop spam or virus intrusion into your network by updating your internal security.
1: Migrate to a modern operating system and hardware platform.
2: Install a comprehensive Security Suite
3: Use a Web Browser with Sandboxing Capabilites.
4: Use a PDF Reader with Sandboxing Capabilities.

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Identity theft is an unfortunate fact of modern life. Do you know what to do if your identity is stolen? How can you make identity protection part of your routine? Get answers to these and other identity theft questions during our Twitter Chat July 10 at 2 pm (EDT). FTC staff will host a one-hour session with our partners at DoD’s Military One Source and Military Saves. To participate, follow @FTC and Tweet questions with the hashtag #mcpd. Military Consumer Protection Day is July 17. Visit
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