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IARPA to hold open house

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity will be hosting its first IARPA Day on Oct. 29-30 in the College Park, Md., area.

Army finds its own way to build a big data system

The Army is harnessing big data to help commanders answer questions that were previously unsolvable by pulling relevant information from thousands of databases into a holistic common operating picture, specifically focused on readiness and resources. The Army Enterprise Management Decision Support System reaches out across 3,500 different database systems, drawing data from the most relevant… Read More »

Internet Explorer leads in tests against social engineering threats

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer family of browsers came out on top against socially engineered threats in head-to-head tests by NSS Labs with other popular browsers. In both raw numbers and weighted evaluations of performance, IE outperformed Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari browsers. This is good news for users of IE, which includes large swaths… Read More »