I'm Christopher Jobson, and This Is How I Work [How I Work]

By | September 19, 2012

By day, Christopher Jobson is a web designer at a financial firm; by night, early morning, and weekend, he writes and edits Colossal. Christopher started Colossal in 2010 to explore “the intersection of art, design, and physical craft, specifically artwork that is tactile, physical, and non-digital in nature.” Each week, he posts 15 or so of the coolest (seriously, coolest) paintings, installations, animations, buildings, pieces of street art, and more from around the world. As he explains it, the site serves as “a reminder that in this digital age there are still thousands of incredible people making work with their bare hands.” Christopher talked to us about how he manages a round-the-clock work schedule—from the apps that keep everything running to the tunes that keep him inspired. More »