Nutanix today launched its first product,

By | August 17, 2011

Start-up Nutanix today launched its first product, a slim, virtualized server that is clustered together with solid state and hard drive storage that can be managed under a single console view.

Nutanix’s Complete Cluster is 2U-high (3.5-in.) VMware-based appliance can grow both CPU and storage capacity dynamically, adjusting it to the performance requirements of an application.

For example, a single 2U enclosure contains four x86 nodes or what Nutanix refers to as blocks. Each block contains 8 Intel Xeon processors with a total of 48 cores and 192GB RAM (upgradable to 768GB) for running virtual machines.

The appliance also includes 1.3TB of PCIe-based flash storage from Fusion-io, 1.2TB of SATA solid state drives (SSDs) from Intel and 20TB of traditional SATA hard drives from Seagate for storing virtual machine data.

Each 2U enclosure can grow by adding blocks, each of which is connected to the last through a 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connection.